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I started my racing career in 2012 at the age of nine when my grandfather bought me my first used quarter midget.  I raced at our local club track Good Times in Madera, California.  I did not have any racing back ground coming into the sport and was thankful that God provided the club trainer Rusty Lomier to help and coach me throughout my entire five years of my quarter midget racing.  My first year of racing in Senior Novice, Rusty lead me in the accomplishments of achieving club track record, senior rookie of the year as well as the most improved driver.   The next few years of racing included senior Honda, light 160, light world formula achieving numerous track record’s, club championships, state championships and finishing my quarter midget career in 2016 with two national championships.

In 2017,  I moved up to running in the USAC HPD Focus Midget Series on asphalt at our local track Madera Speedway.  I received rookie of the year at the end of my first season.

In 2018, I raced the dirt series in HPD as well as the asphalt.  I ended the season with a 2nd place finish for the USAC Western Speed2 Overall and Pavement.  In August of 2018, God opened another door and I was given the honorable opportunity to do some testing with the Naake-Klauer Motorsports team.  I was most thankful I was able to progress in the same weekend and run my first junior late model race at Madera Speedway starting in the back but was able to bring home a 6th place finish.  I learned a lot and was presented with the opportunity by Mike Knaake to run the remaining 4 races this season and a full season in the 88 car in the 2019 Jr. Late Model Series.

Another door also recently opened for me when I was accepted into the Race Face Brand Development program as a Race Face NEXT Driver.  I am excited and look forward to all the amazing opportunities God has provided.




USAC Western Midget Series

  • Finished 2nd in Pavement Championship
  • Finished 3rd in Dirt Championship
  • Finished 2nd in the Overall championship

Five starts 51-FIFTY Jr Late Model Series


USAC Western Midget Series

  • Won Rookie of the Year
  • Finished 5th in the Pavement Championship


Silver State Winter National (Las Vegas)

  • Honda Champion
  • World Formula Champion

Good Times Championship Series

  • Finished 2nd Honda
  • Finish 2nd 160
  • Finished 2nd World Formula
  • Track Record Lt. 160
  • Track Record Lt. World Formula

Joe Galante Memorial

  • Track Record Sr. Honda
  • Track Record Lt. World Formula


Good Times QMA Championship Series

  • Honda Champion
  • 160 Champion
  • Lt World Formula Champion

Good Times States Race

  • Honda Champion
  • World Formula Champion

Western Grands at Baylands

  • Honda 2nd place
  • 160 7th place
  • World Formula 9th
  • Fast Time of the Year Sr. Honda, Lt. World Formula

California Monza Series Championship

  • Honda 4th
  • 160 4th
  • World Formula

Joe Galante Memorial

  • Track Record Sr. Honda
  • Track Record Lt. World Formula


California Championship Race

  • 160 Champion

Good Times Series Championship

  • Honda 2nd place

Jerry Mostek Classic

  • Honda track Record


Good Times Championship Series

  • Honda 2nd Place
  • Most Improved Driver

Monza Series

  • Rookie of the Year



Las Vegas Nationals

  • Novice 3rd Place

Good Times QMA

  • Track Record Sr. Novice


Joey Iest Racing mission is to always keep God first above everything else.  I will strive at doing the best of my ability in racing on and off the track.  I  am excited to keep learning and progressing forward to take opportunities of the open doors in my racing career as far as Gods will allow.  I will do my best always to demonstrate Christlike character to others in my words, actions, and sportsmanship.